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EDEN combos bring amplifiers and speakers together in one easy-to-transport package. Perfect for players who want an all-in-one solution to find their sound, or for players who want a convenient alternative to their larger rig.


All of our combos feature custom-designed amplifier circuitry with ported cabinets that are loaded with high efficiency speakers. Choose the size and power that suits you, from the ultra-portable MicroTour, right up to the gig-worthy Terra Nova combos.

If the range of combos you are looking for is not listed here please try our Historical Products section.

combos specifically for bass...

An ideal introduction to EDEN tone. E-Series combos are convenient and easy-to-play.

Lightweight and compact, packed full of features for on-stage and in the studio.

Take your EDEN sound anywhere with the punchy, battery-powered MicroTour.

other combos...

Designed specifically to amplify the unique sound and character of the ukulele.

Metromix amps are ideal for guitar, keys or e-drum kits in addition to bass.

terra nova