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As specialists in bass amplification, EDEN design gear that provides the sound, versatility and reliability you need from your pro rig. Together, our World Tour Pro amplifiers and D-Series cabinets are the ultimate professional bass pairing. Dial in the exact sound you want and hear the unique character of your instrument.

World Tour Pro amps d-series cabinets
EFFECTS PEDALS P-series cabinets

There are two constant themes across the Terra Nova range. Firstly, the range is lightweight and compact, perfect for musicians on the move. Terra Nova gear also offers an impressive range of features to shape your sound, ideal on-stage and in the studio, while still being easy-to-use.

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The E-Series provides authentic EDEN tone for a variety of situations, from the EC8 that can sit on your desk, to the EX410SC4 that is built for the stage. The theme throughout this range is plug-and-play, suited to those who are still finding their bass sound, or those looking to add a convenient practice amp to their collection.

e300 amplifier e-series cabinets
e-series combos

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